May 5, 2009



“I CAN SEE YOU heralds a splendid new filmmaker with one eye on genre mechanics, one eye on avant-gard conceits and a third eye for transcendental weirdness” -THE NEW YORK TIMES

“Ultimately opting for Brakhage over butchery, this surprising horror debut hits us where it hurts by turning vision itself into a mind-frying source of anxiety…” -THE VILLAGE VOICE

“Without a doubt one of the most intriguing and well-crafted low-budget horror films in recent memory” -FANGORIA

“Critically lauded pic… could build a cult following… Reznick’s sound design effectively jangles nerves, and two setpieces trumpet his visual prowess: a languid lovemaking scene lit by indirect flashlight and a tour-de-force musical number” -VARIETY

“Critic’s Choice!”  -NY POST

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