October 18, 2005

The Juan Maclean - Give Me Every Little ThingMusic Video for The Juan Maclean

(((((((((((((((WARNING! EXPLICIT CONTENT )))))))))))))))

The Juan Maclean video for “Give Me Every Little Thing,”
(directed by Ben Dickinson and cut by both of us) is now live at Waverly Films.
The single comes out today, which also contains the video.


This Friday (October 21st), “The Roost” is released in select cities across the country.

The trailer that I cut for the film, as well as the two posters that I designed/worked on (David Bell painted the darker one) are already showing/hanging at these venues.

The posters are also hanging on the streets of NYC.

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October 11, 2005

The Roost

THE ROOST Has Been Sold!


Issue #246 of FANGORIA (on sale this month) features a 4 page article on “The Roost”!


Ti West’s “The Roost” has been picked up by Showtime (for TV and Video distribution) and by Vitagraph films (for theatrical distribution). Expect a limited release in October!

Variety gave “The Roost” a favorable review, and mentioned specifically my work on the sound design of the film. A subscription free transcription of the review is available here.


I’ve also been working with Ben Dickinson over at Waverly Films, editing his new video for The Juan Maclean (ex-Six Finger Satellite). I’ll post a link as soon as the video goes live.

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