February 14, 2018

Glass Angles Vinyl Cover  Glass Angles Cassette-Digital Cover


My new electronic album, out now:
Vinyl on Death Waltz Originals
Cassette and Digital on Data Airlines / Data Kino


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November 27, 2015



THE CHAMBERS TAPE, my new episode of Tales From Beyond The Pale Season 3 is now live on Amazon, iTunes and talesfrombeyondthepale.com! (All the great s3 eps are available!) Over a year in the making. Featuring the incredible voice talents of Supernatural’s MISHA COLLINS, Green + Wild Canaries’ SOPHIA TAKAL and LAWRENCE MICHAEL LEVINE, and from my Chiller short The Caregiver, the excellent KERSTEN HAILE. Poster art by the legendary GRAHAM HUMPHREYS!

THE CHAMBERS TAPE is an authentic new age meditation cassette tape from the late 1970s. Please listen while wearing headphones. Close your eyes, relax, and try not to lose your mind.

UPDATE:  Reached #1 in iTunes Fiction Audio Books!

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August 14, 2014


UNTIL DAWN is an upcoming teen-slasher horror video game for Sony PS4, co-written by myself and Larry Fessenden with Supermassive Games, announced on Tuesday at Gamescom. There’s a trailer and writeup from executive producer Pete Samuels, on the Playstation Blog.

The player will be in control of eight teenage friends whose remote mountain getaway turns into a night of unexpected terror.  Part of the interactive fun will be the Butterfly Effect mechanic: decisions you make along the way, big or small, have rippling implications in the story, resulting in hundreds of different narrative experiences.  Any of the characters could survive, any could die.  The cast features Hayden Panettiere (Heroes, Nashville), Rami Malek (Short Term 12) and Brett Dalton (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).

Some great press reaction so far: Kotaku, IGN, Gameinformer, Gamespot.   More to come soon!


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July 9, 2014

Chiller TV Anthology:


I recently directed a segment of ChillerTV’s anthology series CHILLING VISIONS: FIVE STATES OF FEAR.  It premieres on Chiller, Friday, July 11th, at 9pm ET / 6pm PT.

My segment is based around the state of fear “Loss of Autonomy,” and is called “THE CAREGIVER,”  featuring Jeff Kaplan and Kersten Haile.

There’s a trailer you can check out here.

Tune in, set your DVRs!


UPDATE:  Download a free EP of original synth music featured in THE CAREGIVER!


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October 30, 2013

New Short:

I’ve got a brand new psychedelic super-short up on ShockTillYouDrop, called THE TRICK IS THE TREAT.  It’s a candy-pail odyssey, filled with vintage plastic pumpkin buckets and more sweets than can possibly be healthy.

…And it’s narrated by the legendary ANGUS SCRIMM, the Tall Man from PHANTASM and frequent Glass Eye Pix collaborator (I SELL THE DEAD, SATAN HATES YOU, my radio play THE GRANDFATHER)

Here’s the isolated score track, a minimal Carpenter/Howarth inspired piece.

Please enjoy LOUD and IN THE DARK….!


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June 18, 2013


THE OUTER CHURCH compilation


Very excited to announce I have a track on the new “elsewhere-music” compilation put out by The Outer Church (who has previously screened I CAN SEE YOU a few times at their live events) and Front & Follow records.

The comp is ridiculously good and I’m honored to have a spot on it.  If you like electronic / soundscape / psychedelic / noise / hauntology / occult music you will really dig this thing.


My track, “Tomorrow in New York City,” is a vastly-abstracted reworking of the title credit music from I CAN SEE YOU.

Available for pre-order here!  Out on August 5th!


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October 10, 2012



THE DESIGNER.  A new science fiction film coming from Aphasiafilms and Glass Eye Pix.

More information and a teaser for the first section of the film can be found at

Logo typography designed by Thomas “The Dude Designs” Hodge.

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November 3, 2011

The Innkeepers Release Date and Trailer

Ti West’s new film THE INNKEEPERS has a new poster, release date, and trailer!

Magnet/Magnolia will be releasing the film on VOD December 30th, in theaters February 3rd.

Check out the trailer at Magnet’s site or on iTunes.

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August 1, 2011

Picnic At Hanging Rock
post for Criterion

I wrote this post for Criterion about the invisible “monster” in Peter Weir’s haunting and brilliant film, PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK.

Inspired in part by Jason Zinoman’s great book SHOCK VALUE, which is about the beginnings of New Horror in the 1970’s.

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April 12, 2011

Stake Land Belle Webisode

Jim Mickle’s new Glass Eye Pix film STAKE LAND (which won the 2010 Midnight Madness Audience Award at the Toronto Film Fest) comes out April 22nd through IFC Midnight and Dark Sky/MPI Media Group.  I did the sound design!

I also directed a Character Prequel webisode to support the film – along with a host of other directors, including Larry Fessenden, Glenn McQuaid, JT Petty, and Danielle Harris.

Danielle Harris stars in my short, (labelled “Belle”), which just premiered on Apple.com!

Check it out!

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March 5, 2011

The Innkeepers SXSW Premiere

Ti West’s new film The Innkeepers will be premiering at the SXSW film festival, March 12th.

I’ve spent the last few months designing the sound for the film, which features some awesome sound design centric sequences that can’t be revealed quite yet… but the brand new poster may yield some clues….

The amazing poster was designed by Tom Hodge aka The Dude Designs, who recently designed the also-amazing Hobo With a Shotgun poster.

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January 3, 2011


I CAN SEE YOU and THE VIEWER will be screening in Brighton on Jan 13th, in what sounds like a pretty excellent night of psychedelic sound and visuals.  From The Outer Church Blog:

“The OC is proud to present two films by American director Graham Reznick in association with Aphasia Films/Glass Eye Pix. I Can See You (95 minutes) is a psychedelic campfire tale acclaimed by The New York Times as an “elusive, experimental scare flick [heralding] a splendid new filmmaker with one eye on genre mechanics, one eye on avant-garde conceits and a third eye for transcendental weirdness” while futuristic 3D short The Viewer (15 minutes) is “a telepathic interrogation experienced from the perspective of a suspected murderer.” Anaglyph glasses will be provided for the latter screening.

The uncanny atmosphere will be further compounded by live sets from The Haxan Cloak and The Larsen Effect. The Haxan Cloak is multi-instrumentalist Bobby Krlic, who employs a variety of textures to erect dense scuttling fields of sonic malevolence. The Larsen Effect is the solo project of guitarist Leee Nite, veteran of the psychick wars and such esteemed outfits as Skree, Thor’s Helmet, ManTouch and Morgen Und Nite. Visuals for The Larsen Effect will be provided by acclaimed videowitch Jade Boyd.”

Joseph Stannard, who organized the event, recently wrote a niece piece about me for The Wire magazine.

More on the lineup, as well as ticket info, at The Outer Church.

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December 14, 2010

Radio Play:

Glass Eye Pix has been producing a weekly radio/podcast series of audio drama called “Tales From Beyond The Pale.” Curated by Glenn McQuaid (“I Sell The Dead”) and Larry Fessenden (“The Last Winter,” “Habit,” “Wendigo”), episodes have featured actors like Vincent D’Onofrio, Ron Perlman, James Le Gros, Kevin Corrigan, Joe Swanberg, and directors like Larry Fessenden, JT Petty, Joe Maggio, Glenn McQuaid and more.

My own episode, titled “The Grandfather,” features Angus Scrimm, best known as The Tall Man in the “Phantasm” series.  The cast also included Matt Huffman (“Satan Hates You”), Kate Sheil (Joe Swanberg’s upcoming “Silver Bullets”), Brenda Cooney (“I Sell The Dead”), and Michael D’Addario (Tom Stoppard’s “The Coast of Utopia).

I wrote, directed, sound designed and composed music for the piece.  It’s now available for purchase (2 bucks, less than a good cup of coffee!) at TalesFromBeyondThePale.com, go over and check it out!

Poster image designed by the awesome Gary Pullin, illustrator and art director of Rue Morgue magazine.

Summary: “A perfectly ordinary Grandfather feeds his perfectly ordinary cat, waiting for his perfectly happy family to arrive for a perfectly pleasant afternoon… until an unfortunate revelation puts them all on a tragic path, if the Grandfather can’t unravel their perfect mess first.

From Graham Reznick, director of I CAN SEE YOU and the 3D short THE VIEWER, as well as the sound designer on a half a dozen Glass Eye Pix films comes this startling tale starring the venerable Angus Scrimm in the titualar role.”

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October 11, 2010

Best Short: The Viewer

THE VIEWER recently played at the Los Angeles 3D Film Festival and took home  the Best Narrative Short award!

Coming Soon:

A brand new teaser trailer for The Viewer, as well as several more Viewer related announcements.  Stay tuned!

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August 6, 2010


is now

THE VIEWER, previously only viewable as a Red-Blue Anaglyph, can now be seen in a variety of other formats, including clear polarized projection and shutter based glasses systems.  It most recently screened in London as part of the venerable Short & Sweet film program’s first ever 3D event, and it will screen, along with I CAN SEE YOU, on Friday the 13th of August in LA at the Downtown Independent.


are available on DVD from Kino Video.

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November 11, 2009


Soundtrack Out Now!

The official release of the combined scores from both my film I CAN SEE YOU and Ti West’s film THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL is now out on iTunes (and available on CD next week, pre-order here) through MovieScore Media.

The release features the exceptional music of composer Jeff Grace from both films, along with a few tracks from myself, from I Can See You.

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October 27, 2009




I CAN SEE YOU and THE VIEWER (in 3D!) are released on DVD today!

Head over to either the official site or to Kino International to go pick it up.  It’s also available on Amazon and on Netflix.

To celebrate the release we’re giving away free downloads of the song “SPRAY IT ON,” featured in I CAN SEE YOU, at the official site!

The dvd has a ton of goodies, including 3D glasses, commentary tracks for both films, deleted scenes, a behind the scenes featurette, easter eggs, and more!

Go get it!

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October 26, 2009



Today kicks off a big week!

At 12pm EST IFC releases the first episode of “Dead and Lonely,” (Youtube playlist here) a new web series by Ti West.  I composed some fun Tangerine Dream / Vangelis inspired synth music for it.  There will be a new episode every day all week long, and you can see it in streaming services which is one cost saving option that is great for entertainment online.

It’s a realistic look at the perils of online dating and vampirism… The series features a real online dating service, Date Or Die, which you can actually check out at dateordie.net (be sure to watch the testimonials).

Check back here tomorrow for some big I CAN SEE YOU news…

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October 24, 2009



VOD / Theatrical

Ti West’s THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL is currently out on VOD and is coming to theaters theatrically on October 30th via Magnolia’s Magnet releasing.

You can also watch it online at Amazon.com’s pre-theatrical rental.

Check back in a few days for more House of The Devil / I Can See You related news!

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July 20, 2009


My Stereoscopic 3D short film


is playing in Montreal’s FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL next Monday, July 27th, ahead of Glenn McQuaid’s I SELL THE DEAD (for which I did sound design).

Should be a lot of fun watching the 3D on a giant screen with a big crowd.  If you’re going to be in the Montreal area or have friends that would like to go, tickets and schedule info is available here.

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